Terms and Agreements

Armin 2.0 and its component are free to use for everybody and is provided by the UNZ of the Inselspital in Berne, Switzerland .
Every user is fully responsible himself when using this Web-Application. The provider (UNZ) does not guarantee that its results are correct or validated.
It is not possible to share or view the data of the other registered users inside of Armin 2.0.
The User is responsible himself for checking if additional conditions exist in his country e.g. obtain patient consent.
This product was developed as a tool in the field of medical diagnostic research. It is NOT a medical product or certified as such.
If you use Armin 2.0 for your research we ask you to include it and / or the following paper: <Platzhalter Paper Wolf> in your publication.

Infrastrucure and Security

There is no guarantee that the application, the uploaded data or stored data is (fully) encrypted or safe against theft.
Most of the calculations are performed locally and the connection to the server over HTTPS. Nonetheless use and upload only completely anonymised data.
Armin 2.0 is is hosted by the provider 'Hoststar' in Switzerland.

Cookie Policy

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