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Welcome. This application allows you to compare two sets of medical diagnoses with each other to assess their similarity. There are some formating prerequisites, which are listed in detail under "How it works" below. Most importantly, Diagnoses must be coded in a taxonomy such as the ICD. However, you are free to add new taxonomies easily, if yours is not already implemented (many major ones are).

A simpler version of this tool compares just two diagnoses per patient with each other (such as a first and final one) and has less formatting requirements. The application is described in detail and validated in the following publication:

Automated identification of diagnostic labelling errors in medicine
Wolf E. Hautz ORCID logo, Moritz M. Kündig, Roger Tschanz, Tanja Birrenbach, Alexander Schuster, Thomas Bürkle, Stefanie C. Hautz, Thomas C. Sauter und Gert Krummrey Published in Diagnosis:

Use of this site is free of charge, but we ask you to kindly cite the above publication when you use results of this application.

How it works Check out the simplified version